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dsgsg WORK | Access Mobile - 액세스 모바일
Mobile Marketing Consulting
Included products & services
  • Marketing needs analysis
  • Interpretation of needs to mobile activities
  • Mobile marketing planning
  • Mobile resources planning
  • IT & mobile development
  • Personnel training
  • Operation service
  • Software maintenance
  • Execution monitoring
  • Analytics & reporting

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Mobile Data Management Platform
Included products & services
  • DMP platform
  • Data extraction & processing
  • Mobile data analysis
  • Segmented data grouping
  • Profile creation
  • Target audience creation
  • Marketer tool provision
  • Display inventory creation
  • Display management


Mobile Customer Relationship Management
Included products & services
  • Mobile reward based CRM platform
  • Requirement analysis for mobile CRM
  • Mobile CRM program planning & development
  • Program execution, operation & reporting
  • User mobile (commerce) behavior tracking
  • Mobile insights & purchase intents analysis
  • Create and manage panel data
Mobile Advertisement Platform
Included products & services
  • Telco mobile advertisement platform
  • In-browser notification and fly-out type
  • Campaign management module
  • Ad inventory creation module
  • Compatible with all browser types
  • No delay nor impact on the original page
  • Blacklist based URL management
  • Permission/reward based mobile ad
  • Viewer profiling & profile based ad
Service Mobile-ization
Included products & services
  • Service and business process analysis
  • Mobile business strategy review
  • Mobile service planning
  • Business process planning via mobile access
  • Back-end integration to existing platform
  • Mobile (app) and web front-end provision
  • Analytics & reporting
Mobile Voucher Commerce
Included products & services
  • Voucher commerce platform
  • Voucher program consulting
  • Company referral program
  • Reward & benefit program
  • Campaigns & promotion planning
  • Mobile voucher creation
  • Voucher code management
  • Merchant & product acquisition
  • Mobile payment method integration


Telco Billing Service
Included products & services
  • Applications/service billing via mobile telcos
  • Telco billing integration
  • Revenue/profit increase consulting
  • Local marketing support
  • Settlement report and settlement
  • Local business licensing
  • Local tax consulting
  • Discrepancy resolution
Telco Value Added Service Platform
Included products & services
  • Call based value added system
    • -Pop-call, Call completion UMB, Missed call alert, Call based contents UMB, Call center identification UMB
  • Telco digital item commerce platform
    • -Electronic PIN and item portal, contents service platform
  • Location based service platform
  • Parental control platform-both network & app
  • Telco VAS system integration & operation